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    • 產品名稱: New compound cleaning machine for corn, beans, wheat, sunflower seeds(500TPD)
    • Model: 5XFZ-40Z
    • Views : 2091



    1.5XFZ-40Z Seed cleaner & grader is used for cleaning and grading seeds, grains, cereals, and other granule products.

    2.It can be equipped to suit a variety of special jobs and purposes.

    3.Dust and light impurity are removed by aspirator fan. Material falls on sieve layers and was separated by sieves according to width and thickness difference. All the oversize and undersize impurities were discharged from different outlets.



    Double Gravity Table Cleaner



    Power (kw)


    Capacity (T/H)



    Commodity grain


    Specific gravity table size L*W(mm)

    inner diameter 1650-1900

    Weight (KG)


    Overall Size  L x W x H (mm)

    4100 x2320 x 3180mm




    · 1.Energy saving and environmental protection, the product is fully enclosed structure, can more effectively purify air, energy saving, reduce the loss of wind energy, thereby reducing power consumption.

    · 2.Large output, the primary processing of corn and other coarse grains can reach 40-50 tons/hour, which can reach 20-30 tons/hour when used to remove mildew and select grains.

    · 3.High precision, this equipment is designed as a double gravity table, which integrates the functions of compound pressure specific gravity and positive pressure specific gravity. The material has been separated by specific gravity twice, and the removal effect of mildew particles is remarkable.

    · 4.Good stability, the vibration direction of the gravity table is opposite, the forces can offset each other, so that the operation of the equipment is stable, the core point of the gravity table using European technology, stable performance.

    · 5.Light magazines make full use of this product for customers to consider the separation of light miscellaneous, small vibration grading sieve can be light magazines in the small particle materials or broken particles to be separated again, to use.

    The factory adhere to the "quality in my hands, users in my mind, to technology for development, to the credibility of survival" as the guiding principle. The application of advanced production technology, to create first-class products, first-class quality, customer satisfaction, and contribute to the development of the agricultural machinery industry.